There are 3 packages that you need to install:

Both packages have their own dependencies that need to be installed, run the following to install them:

npm install --save config express next react react-cookie react-dom react-redux redux

Then, to install soya-next, soya-next-scripts, and soya-next-server, run the following:

npm install --save soya-next soya-next-server
npm install --save-dev soya-next-scripts


You won't need to do any configuration because everything is already configured in soya-next-scripts. Simply add the following into your package.json scripts section:

  "analyze": "BUNDLE_ANALYZE=both soya-next-scripts build",
  "analyze:browser": "BUNDLE_ANALYZE=browser soya-next-scripts build",
  "analyze:server": "BUNDLE_ANALYZE=server soya-next-scripts build",
  "build": "soya-next-scripts build",
  "dev": "soya-next-scripts dev",
  "export": "soya-next-scripts export",
  "start": "soya-next-server",
  "test": "soya-next-scripts test"

You're ready to create your first React application in Soya Next now.

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